Shingles Blowing Off the Roof

We get people calling in quite regularly after windstorms. We half expect the conversation to start with ‘why are shingles blowing off the roof when I just had it fixed?’ It can be a struggle explaining the shingles are most likely wearing out, and we can’t do a quick repair that will last.

CASMA Standards to Prevent Shingles Blowing Off the Roof

The Canadian Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers’ Association sets standards for preventing shingles blowing off the roof, as follows:

1… Roof trusses and decking must be sturdy, in good order, and comply with building codes

2… Shingles must meet the ASTM D 3161 Wind Resistance of Steep Slope Roofing Products specification

3… Proper roofing nails are required for fixing, and these should penetrate through the wood deck

4… The number of nails per shingle should increase from 4 to 6 in high wind areas, or if the slope is 15:12 and steeper

5… Spot fixing with asphalt plastic cement is also recommended near ridges, and at rake edges at the end of runs

A shingle roof correctly fitted could last for decades. If not, then one of three things may be behind the shingles blowing off the roof.

Reasons for Shingles Blowing Off the Roof


An violent hailstorm or unusually strong wind may have damaged or loosened some shingles


We charge a market-related price for our shingle roofs, but aim to do the best work in town. If you have cheaper quotes then we recommend you ask these questions.

1… Will the shingles comply with the ASTM D 3161 standard as applying to your location?

2… Where will they position the fixing nails, and how many will there be per shingle?

3… Will they apply adhesive at the back, bottom face of each shingle to make it stick to the one below?

4… Do they consider additional spot fixing necessary near ridges and at ends of runs. If not, why not?


A shingle roof correctly fitted could last for decades. That’s 15 to 18 years for the three-tab version. However thicker, architectural shingles might last as long 24 to 30 years. After that, it’s time to give your home a fresh-baked makeover, before you have shingles blowing off the roof in the wind.

Valiant Exteriors is fast-becoming Calgary’s popular choice for shingle roofing. And no wonder, because we are Calgary locals and we never sub contract. Why not give Calgary’s favourite roofers Valiant Exteriors a call on Calgary (403)829-1661 to arrange a roof inspection before winter arrives?

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