How to Choose the Best Siding Colour20200121213118

How to Choose the Best Siding Colour

Choosing the right combination of tints is a watershed decision. That’s because you can’t change the colour of vinyl, or easily match the robustness o...
6 Tips for Re-Siding Your Home20200115000901

6 Tips for Re-Siding Your Home

There is a great saying in our workshop ‘measure twice, cut once’. In other words, be sure you know what you want, before you do it. Not wasting mater...
Attaching Siding the Correct Way to Studs20200108000540

Attaching Siding the Correct Way to Studs

There’s actually quite a lot to know about what goes on behind siding. First, there’s a network of 2×4 or 2×6 timber ‘studs’ forming a frame...
Can You Get a Cheaper Roof Job in Winter?20191231051235

Can You Get a Cheaper Roof Job in Winter?

Folk sometimes call us for a winter roof repair or replacement expecting a cheaper job. They seem to expect us to work for less in low season. Then we...
Correctly Replacing James Hardie Siding20191223010552

Correctly Replacing James Hardie Siding

Installing James Hardie fibre-cement siding is relatively simple on straight runs because the overlaps between strips largely seal the joints. However...
New Gutters Do Not Repair Poor Roofs20191218053201

New Gutters Do Not Repair Poor Roofs

Roofs are there to receive precipitation, and manage the moisture so it does not penetrate the roof space, and the living space below. A gutter needs ...
Your New Eavestroughs & What to Expect20191210043644

Your New Eavestroughs & What to Expect

December 10, 20190 comments
We install seamless, continuous aluminum gutters in Calgary and surrounds. This means the only joints are at ends and down pipes. Our system virtually...
Signs of Failing Attic Insulation20191204014533

Signs of Failing Attic Insulation

Warm air rises. That’s why we need attic insulation to keep our houses snug inside. Warm, moist air condenses when it meets cooler air. That’s why the...
Eavestroughs on Turrets and Curves20191126040739

Eavestroughs on Turrets and Curves

The word ‘turret’ came down to us from the Italian ‘toretta’ meaning a little tower on a castle. These protruded from straight walls providing a prote...
Gutters, Grading and Water Management20191120032001

Gutters, Grading and Water Management

Precipitation pools and soaks away on level ground, because it is spread over an area. If the terrain slopes, then it flows away along established rou...