6 Ways to Spot Shingle Hailstone Damage

Shingles are soft and pliable when new. In fact the way they flow over ridges and valleys is part of their charm. They may harden and become a little brittle from the elements. But by then they should firmly in position, and set for life.

That is, until a hailstone larger than 1.5 inches strikes them and causes structural damage. This can take years to get to the point of becoming a leak. But leak it may, unless we take proactive steps to spot shingle hailstone damage, and repair it.

Our 5 Handy Ways to Spot Shingle Hailstone Damage

1… Check out the ridge running along the top of the roof first, where the sides meet. There may be shingles a roofer overworked as they fitted them, and weakened them. If you see damage there, it may be elsewhere on the roof too.

2… Cast your eye over the roof surface in good sunlight. Look for changes in texture indicating where hailstones dislodged the protective shingle overlay. Granules reflect solar energy away, without them the bitumen ages faster.

3… Put a ladder up to the eavestroughs at strategic points. Rain, snow or melt will carry the loose granules down here.  If you find an accumulation in a particular section, re-investigate above it in case you missed damage there.

4… While you are up there, check for signs of splitting and cracking which are indications those shingles are on the way out. Hail strikes can leave circular bruises, like the one in the picture above that requires investigating.

5… Hailstones tend to be similar size in a storm, because they travel up and down together gathering more ice. One bruise like the one in the image is a strong hint there are more. An experienced roofer feels more shingle hailstone damage out with their gloved hands.

The Sixth Step: What to Do About Hail Damage

We can’t recommend you go up on your roof on your own and look for damage. A moment’s inattention can lead to a slip and then a fall. Valiant Exteriors uses two-person teams, with one member keeping an eye on the other.

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