Parts of Aluminum Eavestrough Systems

An eavestrough system has the job of gathering snow and melt as it flows down the roof, and channeling it into the storm water drains below. The term generally includes both the gutters and the down pipes. Today, we share the details that make up fully-functional eavestrough systems.

Assembling the Gutters, the Heart of the Eavestrough System

The gutters are often ‘up there’ in the minds of homeowners, left to get on with their job unseen. Meanwhile, the structure of the house, and the gutters themselves expand and contract as the seasons come and go.

A weak joint can open, and become a permanent leak if not attended to promptly. The problem is getting up there, and a ladder is not a safe place for everyone. Valiant Exteriors Limited has a system designed to prevent this happening.

The Valiant Exteriors Limited Superior Offering

We extrude our eavestroughs on site into seamless K-style 5″ and 6″ profiles (the round ones in the picture are just for illustration). This eliminates the possibility of joints opening in the length, that is until it comes to adding the corners.

Pre-made, perfectly right-angled corners are the standard industry workaround. But there’s only one problem. How many perfectly rectangular buildings have you seen? We have been called in to repair many failing eavestrough systems at this point, after expansion and contraction eventually weakened the joints.

The Valiant Exteriors workaround is making hand-mitered corners on site, that match building angles precisely. We attach them to the gutters and end caps with full-threaded screws, that hold their grip far better than standard construction ones do.

The Secret is Also in the Quality of Attachment

We attach our gutter systems to fascias with high quality aluminum hangars, more than strong enough to do the job. We insist on spacing these no more than 24″ apart, so we know our eavestrough systems can stand up to the weather.

The final part of the job is assembling, and attaching pre-made elbows and down pipes to the gutters above. We assemble these using the same full-threaded screws. However, we make the down pipe straps on site, because two houses are seldom the same.

And when everything is rigidly in place, and with the right fall too, we add the icing to the cake with specific, permanently flexible sealant on the inside of the joints where the water flows.

That way we can pack our bags, and shake hands with another satisfied customer, confident the job is well done. Would you like to log your eavestrough job for free quote without any obligation?

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