Asphalt Interlocking T-Shingles

A new breed of interlocking asphalt shingles arrived in North America in the 1930’s. Marketers claimed they were the ultimate defence against high winds occurring in storms. The protruding T’s locked together providing collective support. The first T-lock shingles were thick, heavy, and proved popular in areas with high winds.

Asphalt Interlocking Shingles and the Cost of Quality

A significant amount of asphalt went into making these shingles, especially ensuring the T-extensions were strong enough to do their job. The inevitable happened when the cost of asphalt increased. Some manufacturers used less asphalt. As a result, some T-lock shingles became thinner and therefore more brittle across the T’s.

Their popularity gradually fell away as average quality reduced, especially after architectural shingles arrived. Manufacturers abandoned the shrinking market until none remained by 2005. This created problems for their erstwhile customers who had their products on their roofs.

Problems Homeowners with Asphalt T-Shingles Face

1… There were no standard sizes or thicknesses until the 1980’s. Even after that, some manufacturers adopted different styles to discriminate their products.

2… All asphalt shingles have their use-by-dates. More recent, thinner T-shingles may become brittle sooner owing to fillers replacing some asphalt.

3… Replacement asphalt interlocking shingles are becoming harder to find. Some homeowners leave cracked ones on their roofs encouraging damp problems.

Attendant Coverage Problems Insurers Face

It is aesthetically impractical to replace a few broken shingles on a roof, especially if the surrounding ones are old and weathered. This is because a patchwork effect mars the aesthetic impact, and therefore the resale value of the property.

Insurers know about this because they are at the receiving end of the problem. If they do take on new asphalt T-lock roof business, they impose higher deductibles or monthly premiums.

The Unfortunate Homeowner’s Dilemma

However, at the end of the day the homeowner may be lumped with an uninsured, potentially leaky roof, or a delayed / unpaid insurance claim. Their only way out may be to replace a section of, or the entire roof.

Crunch time comes if they put their home up for sale for whatever reason, and the realtor advises replacing the roof as the most cost-effective option. That’s because few people buy houses that need roof replacements right away.

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Image: Art-Lock and T-Lock Shingles: Historic District Commission: City of Lansing