Clean Up After Hailstone Alley Strikes Calgary

Our phones are still ringing as our beloved city cleans up the mess after the devastating June 13 hailstorm. Calgary Herald has kept us up to date with news, while our teams effect repairs to damaged houses. This is not the first time Hailstone Alley has wreaked its fury on us and it is unlikely to be the last.

What Makes Hailstone Alley Cause These Violent Storms

Hail storms are most prevalent along mountain ranges that force horizontal winds upwards intensifying updrafts within thunderstorms. The higher elevations below give the ice less time to melt, resulting in larger hailstones.

This phenomenon centers on where Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado touch borders. It stretches northward towards the Rocky Mountains in Alberta which increase the updrafts flowing over Calgary.

The Alberta section of Hailstone Alley extends from High River in southern Alberta and northward through Calgary. It passes through Red Deer to Lacombe and then finally to Rocky Mountain House. Our beloved Calgary has earned the title ‘Hailstorm Capital of Canada’ several times according to Wikipedia:

1… The hailstorm of 1991 was the most damaging one in Canadian history

2…A 2010 storm caused stones 4 centimetres wide and $400 million damage

3… Violent hailstorms have continued to occur in Calgary and neighbouring towns

4… The 2020 hailstorm causing extensive damage and flooding continues the theme

Calgary Herald Assesses Damage from Hailstone Alley’s Latest Storm

The city authority is picking up the pieces in the midst of COVID-19 distancing rules. It has established a support facility at Genesis Centre’s southwest corner parking lot. There, officials answer questions and provide advice from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Calgary Emergency Management Agency deputy chief Susan Henry says the stones were half the size of tennis balls. The Insurance Bureau of Canada has logged over 20,000 business, home and auto claims and expects more. Susan Henry expects every car parked outside will be a write-off.

Help Available from Valiant Exteriors for Damaged Homes

We’ve resolved not to add a penny to our regular rates for roof, soffit, fascia, eavestrough and siding repairs. We are Calgary locals, and we suffered damage to our homes and business premises too.

We know first hand how terrifying it was on the night of June 13. We are community. We will still be here long after the out-of-town quick buck cowboy repairers are gone. Please give us a call at (403)829-1661 if you need further information, advice or a repair that lasts.

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