How Fascia Affects Gutter Replacement

Did you ever wonder where the word ‘gutter’ comes from? Even if you did Latin at school you may not realise the Roman word ‘gutta’ means a “droplet’. That part is relatively easy compared to how fascia affects gutter replacement quite often.

The principles behind eavestroughs, gutters and collection channels are simple, and they all mean the same thing. Hang an open trough beneath the edge of the roof so it catches the moisture flowing down and leads it away. But attach it to what is the question.


How the Design of the Fascia Affects Gutter Attachment


The lower ends of the rafters are the only things showing under the edge of the roof. These are the main beams in the internal framework, and they may twist slightly under stresses and strains.

Hence, they are not the ideal point to attach a gutter directly if we want a perfect straight line. Moreover we don’t want to expose the cut ends to weather either. So we cover the ends over with weatherproof strips that double as attachment points for eavestrough channels.


So Far So Good, Except Fascias Have Their Own Problems


Builders use a variety of materials to make up their fascia boards. These can be solid wood, fibre board, uPVC and even metal. Wood is a quick and easy solution at the front end of the process, because gutter bracket screws can go straight into it.

Many builders cover wooden fascias over with aluminium sheeting in Calgary as a ‘zero maintenance’ solution. Things often turn out that way, because the gutter partly obscures the fascia effectively preventing attempts at regular repairs. Meanwhile the unprotected rear face of the wood eventually inevitably rots.

Things We Have Seen on Older Houses Where We Worked


We regularly encounter rotting fascias in Calgary houses when replacing eavestroughs with new. The condition of the fascia affects gutter replacement time, and inevitably the contract cost. We have seen horror stories where gutter companies have tied the rotting fascias back on with wire, or hammered them in with nails.

We don’t work that way at Valiant Exteriors. We know how to deal with unexpected snags correctly during a contract. We do everything possible to spot hidden damage when quoting so we can include it in the initial price.

You really do need to choose a gutter contractor with experience who knows what they are doing. Give us a call at 403-829-1661 if you need more information or advice. We aim to be leaders of the pack in Calgary.

fascia affects gutter so repair properly
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