How Roof Pitch Affects Your Pocket

‘Roof Pitch’ refers to the extent a roof section rises from the lowest point to the highest one.  The degree of rise is expressed in terms of the ratio between the raise, and the span of the elevation. Hence a rise of 1: 6 is less steep than a 1:4. We can compare this to the steepness of a mountain pass, using similar logic.

Factors Affecting the Pitch (Steepness) of a Roof

Roof pitch can reflect an aesthetic value, for example if we want our house to look like a building in the Black Forest in Germany. However, an architectural decision depends on the climate, which dictates the need to shed rain or snow melt efficiently.

If the roof is too steep, it could cause an avalanche of snow and ice. However, if the pitch is too slight then capillary action could draw the melt in between the shingles, and deposit it in the roof space below. Hence, the incline of the slope is usually dictated by the demand of the situation.

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Display of Roof Pitches 1/12 through 18/12 (Image Enoctis BY CC 3.0)

How the Steepness of a Roof Affects Material Costs

The distance between the eaves and the ridge is less in the case of a low-pitched roof, than a higher one. Therefore, a roofer needs to supply and fit more shingles (or other roofing material) in the latter case. However, this is not where the additional cost necessarily ends.

How the Steepness of a Roof Affects Labour-Related Cost

Safety comes first on every roof, especially on high roofs with steep pitches. It’s easier to lose one’s footing under those circumstances, sometimes with unfortunate results. Valiant Exteriors never exposes its roofers to unnecessary dangers. Therefore we may implement additional measures out of an abundance of caution.

These precautions may include horizontal crawl-ways, and hiring additional safety gear. Jobs like these unavoidably take longer, which is another factor increasing roof replacement costs. Clients who choose us understand these factors, and are willing to pay more because they understand our situation.

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