How Vinyl Decking and Cladding Transformed a Home

Killarney 4-Plex BEFORE Valiant Exteriors Upgrade ©

We did a major workover of a tired looking 4-Plex in Killarney that cause quite a stir. The job included vinyl siding, aluminium soffits and new eavestroughing. The two upstairs tenants were particularly impressed by the vinyl decking and the aluminium railings we added at the front of their units.


Why Vinyl Decking is the Preferred Solution for Some Clients


Many of our clients insist on vinyl decking because they say it enhances the attractiveness of their properties. It can take quite heavy foot traffic, and they have a choice of colours, textures and thicknesses too.

We have applied the material to decks, hot tub swimming pool areas, patios, stairs, and walkways. Some people simply love it because it is waterproof and almost entirely maintenance free.


How Versatile Vinyl Finds Its Way into Other Exterior Applications


Vinyl is increasingly becoming a preferred solution for fences, decks, and railing systems. If you don’t particularly enjoy sanding down and treating wooden alternatives then you may find the shiny finish more than compensated for.

Needless to say traditional homeowners look down on vinyl because it is not genuine wood. However on the upside it does not have splinters and rusty nail heads, and insects don’t destroy it either.

Moreover, there is now sufficient recycled material on the market to make vinyl decking semi-sustainable. You should have no worries whatsoever, provided you choose a vinyl product with a lifetime warranty.


Is It Difficult to Keep Vinyl Decking Clean?


No not at all. You just need a broom, a bucket, wash up detergent, soft bristle broom, soft bristle scrubbing brush, and your trusty garden hose. Here are the steps to follow. We recommend you do this twice a year, or as needed to keep mildew and mold at bay.

# Follow the direction of the graining (if any) as you sweep away debris and loose dirt.

# Wash the deck down thoroughly with the broom and hose to rinse away as much dirt as possible.

# Add a generous amount of wash up detergent to hot water in a wide plastic basin

# Dip the broom into this regularly as you gently scrub the surface. Use the soft bristle scrubbing brush for tight corners

Finally rinse the vinyl decking thoroughly and allow it to dry naturally. Please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly people at Valiant Exteriors for more information about how our full service exterior renovations could transform your home. As we did for the 4-Plex in Killarney.

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Killarney 4-Plex AFTER Valiant Exteriors Upgrade ©

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