Outlining the Scope of Work Before Agreeing a Project

We take care to ensure a waitress understands our breakfast order before they take it to the kitchen. White or brown toast, eggs turned over soft or hard, and so it goes. We make sure they write these details down and read them back to us, don’t we. Then how strange it is some Calgary residents place an order for new siding without outlining the scope of work precisely.

We had a call from a homeowner about a siding job by another contractor. The quality of the material was clearly substandard, with uneven thickness and colouring. They were sad when we told them it complied with the order they signed for ‘new vinyl siding, light brown’. Especially when we told them they might have to go to court to prove the material was below accepted industry standard, and then sue.


Valiant Exteriors Insists on Outlining the Scope of Work in Our Quotes


Valiant Exteriors would never do something like that to anyone. We take the time to explore all possible options, and keep our customers informed along the way. For example, there are different ways to clad beams, windows, or unique designs that require special attention. We make these decisions with the owner’s input. By explaining everything to them, we leave nothing to chance.

It is just the way we are, a small family-owned siding, soffit and eavestrough company with an awesome reputation, because we do really care. We are homeowners ourselves. We do every job to the standard we would expect as customers. Because we understand a home is the family’s largest investment, and their plan for a secure future.


Would You Like a Lovely Eavestrough, Soffit, or Siding Job Done Too?


We are easy-going people, except for the quality of our jobs where we expect the very best work from our employees. To get the ball rolling you are welcome to call 403 829 1661 now. Please leave a message if you phone after business hours. We promise to call back as soon as we open the office.

Perhaps you are not sure when you will be available yourself. In that case, why not leave a message here telling us when to be in touch. Then we can meet at your site, understand what you want, and begin outlining the scope of work so we can prepare our competitive quote.

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