Avoid Building Contract Scamsters: Ask, Who Will to Do the Work

Despite best efforts, there are still a number of shady contractors cutting corners to secure work for good profit in Calgary. They are often friendly, persuasive people with enough charm to put you off your guard. Back at base, they may work out of a garage, use casual labour, and hire tools when they need them. We quite often end up sorting out disasters after building contract scamsters have been and gone.


Reasons You May Not Know to Avoid Building Contract Scamsters


Reputable building contractors follow a two-person rule. The first person does the actual work. The second one – usually a supervisor – checks they did it right. Our teams have been with us for years. The men and women know each other well enough to be able to comment constructively on each other’s work.

This is critical in the soffit and siding industry, where the framework is covered over.  We take great care when employing new hands. We take them on a trial basis. If they do not shape after training, they have to ship out. One of the biggest problems with building contract scamsters is they hire casuals, and simply do not have the time or the inclination to train them.


How Building Contract Scamsters Buckle Under the Pressure


Cowboy contractors in our industry frequently fulfil four roles. They function as company owner, marketer, material purchaser, and supervisor. Since it is humanly impossible to perform all roles at the same time, something has to give. That something is unfortunately the quality of the job.

They will be on site for the first part of the contract, setting things out and discussing details with you. Then they leave their casual labour to get on with the job while they shop for the best-priced raw material in Calgary. When they return to site, these building contract scamsters inspect the work, although defects they will cover over later may not concern them much.

You may seldom see them in the last quarter of the job, because they are chasing up the next contract already. You may be pleased about this. You are sick and tired of the noise and the mess. You just want the job finished and them gone. You really don’t want them back, ever.

The Difference Valiant Exteriors Ltd. Makes to a Job


We chose our company name, Valiant Exteriors Ltd, because valiant means showing courage and determination to make a difference. We hire quality people, and we train them and retrain them to the highest standards in Calgary. Our policy is to have a supervisor on site at all times. Someone who shares our core values and beliefs. Someone we can trust to perform their duties to the highest standards every time.


It’s What You Don’t See Afterwards That Counts: Henry Burrows BY CC 2.0

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