Roof Overhangs Keep More Than Windows Dry

Allowing a roof to extend beyond the outer walls of a building, creates more than a pleasing architectural feature. It also shades the doors, and windows from overhead sunlight at hot times of the day. However, preventing rain from pelting through these openings is almost a side show compared to the primary role of roof overhangs, commonly also called eaves.

The Primary Role of Roof Overhangs

All solid buildings rest on foundations to support them, and prevent them from cracking and subsiding. However, these can fail if the earth beneath them becomes saturated, as happens in severe floods. Roof overhangs help prevent this, but they do need eaves troughs and down pipes to carry away the water.

We are far less likely to have water intrusion at the critical point where walls and roofs meet, thanks to our eaves. Our siding also enjoys protection from the worst of the rain, and looks cleaner and smarter for longer before we have to wash it down again. Roof overhangs may add to construction costs but they do have their advantages!

More Advantages of Overhanging Roofs

Roof overhangs also help keep basements dry, and free from water seepage and mould. Although they do still need independent waterproofing, because the earth is usually damp below ground level. However, from the user interface point of view there are still more benefits to come:

1… Overhanging roofs, as we mentioned above keep the worst of the midday sun out the house. But they also, when you think about it help contain the warmth in winter. We should more than cover the cost of the overhangs with HVAC savings!

2… A roof extending beyond the walls keeps steady rain away from the windows, allowing us to keep them open during gentle drizzle. It is a real pleasure sensing the soft smell of rain wafting through the house, at the end of a hot day.

3… And finally, the overhang provides a dry walkway around the building, and a safe protection against lumps of snow and ice falling from above. It also allows us to stand in shelter, while we fumble for our keys at the front door.

Would You Like Us to Inspect Your Overhangs for You

Overhangs are sometimes open to the elements from the underside, unlike the main roof. In this case, they are exposed to insects and fungi contributing to dry rot. An annual inspection can spot warning signs before a real problem develops. Call Valiant Exteriors on (403)829-1661 for advice, if your home is anywhere in Calgary and surrounds.

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