Soffit Openings to Allow Natural Airflow

Attic space requires ventilation in winter, to shed heat and humidity from central heating rising from the living space below. The best way to achieve this is to admit cooler air at the eaves, and allow it drive the warmer air out higher up in the roof.

Why Soffit Venting Deserves Consideration

If we don’t ventilate the roof space using natural air circulation, then excess warmth and moisture can accumulate in the attic, creating mildew and damp problems. The heat could also melt snow on the roof causing in to trickle down, and cause ice dams when the night chills.

Of course, the air we admit through the soffit vents has the escape somewhere for the air exchange system to work. Therefore a soffit venting system requires corresponding ridge vents or other exhaust systems.

More About How Roof Venting Works

Natural airflow through roof space and attics requires unobstructed movement. Hence, the vents in the soffits, ridges and other exhaust systems need regular inspection. For if we do not check them, then wind-blown debris, creepers, and bird and animal nests could block them completely over the course of a few seasons.

Some installers recommend adding duct fans to force the air through. However, in our experience this ‘non green’ alternative may be unnecessary provided there are sufficient vents in the soffits and roof.

At Valiant exteriors we recommend a minimum one square foot of vent space for every 150 square feet of attic area. We could always add more if this does not suffice. However, it’s never our policy to sell more vents than our customers need.

Your Soffit Openings and Vents Could Pay for Themselves

That’s right, although we can’t be more specific without viewing your home. A warm attic could pass its heat to the living space below, by transferring warmth through the ceiling. This can result in your HVAC working harder in summer, and this will knock through to your energy bill.

Your natural ventilation will also become more efficient throughout the year, with decent insulation on the ceiling. Simple measures like these could reduce your home’s carbon footprint, and by implication your own.

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