Solar Panels May Not Suit Your Roof

The average solar panel weighs between 33 and 50 pounds, or 15 to 23 kilograms each. Some roofs may take the added strain, while others may not cope with it well. We are all for greening the economy. However, before you call us for an urgent repair job we’d like you to know solar panels may not suit your roof.

Does Your Installer Know Solar Panels May Not Suit Your Roof

Roof frames are complex structures. Engineers must find the best balance between cost and strength. Moreover, roofing materials can vary widely in terms of weight. That’s why you should not replace slate shingles with cement tiles without an expert opinion first.

We recommend thinking through all the aspects carefully, before renting roof space to a solar energy provider. Who will be responsible for any damage to the structure? And if their installer damages the membrane without asking permission beforehand, how does that affect the guarantee?

Factors to Consider When Evaluating the Structure of a Roof

However, these problems may be less worrisome than a cracked or broken length of load-bearing timber. The roof could leak until you find a roofing contractor in Calgary to straighten the problem out.

Consider aspects such as carrying capacity, existing load, age, condition, and prevailing weather before reaching a decision. The thickness of the waterproofing roof membrane may be the deciding factor. Will it take the extra load or will it fail gradually?

Perhaps most importantly there’s the matter of building insurance. They may not pay you out if an assessor determines the photovoltaics did not suit your roof design. Solar panels could require consent before installing. Better speak to your broker or check your policy first!

Finally, Review the Method of Attachment Before You Sign

Solar panel installers attach solar panels to roof structures with screws or bolts passing through the overlay. This can cause leaks, and as we know these can be difficult to find because water travels a way downhill.

Please check with us first if we installed bitumen shingles on your roof. Not all solar panel attachments suit this roof covering. We talk straight at Valiant Exteriors (403)829-1661 and we’ll advise you as the facts dictate.

We are a small, family run business with a great Calgary reputation for our work. Contact us for advice you can trust. Or message us at this link for a speedy reply.

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