Stacking Asphalt Shingles Safely on a Roof

The average asphalt strip-shingle measures 12 inches by 36 inches. Manufacturers supply them in packs since they are quite brittle until laid. The average stack of regular shingles weighs 50 to 65 pounds depending on quality.

Stacking asphalt shingles safely on a roof is not therefore something to undertake likely. You need a lifting device to get them up there. And smart thinking after that to keep the heavy boxes under control on a steep roof.

Precautions After Stacking Asphalt Shingles Safely on a Roof

Our first priority is ensuring the shingle packs are safely secured. We don’t lay laminated ones over the roof ridge because their design envisages laying them flat. However, we may do so with standard 3-tab shingles

1… So what we do instead is fix battens across steep roofs where the lower edges of the packages will rest. Then we can remove the packaging and separate the individual shingles without taking risks.

2… We only stack the boxes two or three high, just in case the wind comes up and tempts them to topple. This also lessens our financial risk if something unexpected happens like a roof timber giving way to the weight.

3… Stacking asphalt shingles safely on a roof also calls for distributing the weight across the roof to spread the load. This also keeps the boxes handily nearby reducing the amount of walking we have to do across the roof.

4… We have also learned to stay away from softer areas like hips and valleys. Each roof structure has its own personality, and we study this carefully before we begin.

Things to Remember When Stacking Shingles on Hot and Cold Days

Asphalt shingles are less inclined to bend and flex on cold days when the asphalt hardens. We also have to be mindful how we lift them up and lay them down. We have the opposite problem on hot days when we may adopt a just-in-time stacking policy.

Why Pay for a Roofer Who Cuts Corners by Ignoring Safe Practices

Some cowboy roofers in Calgary don’t bother about these precautions because they want to get the job done as quickly as possible. They load their prices accordingly so you, the customer pays the cost of their low quality.

Why not call Valiant Exteriors in Calgary on (403)829-1661 instead, before you place your order for new shingles on your roof. We don’t charge to come out and quote. In fact we insist on it. That’s because we believe in inspecting first, quoting accurately and getting the job done right.

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