The Right Gutter Sealant for the Job

Gutters, eavestroughs and down pipes are made up from straight sections and connecting parts. These joints may be watertight when first assembled. However, stormy weather and harsh temperatures cause them to flex, and eventually they spring leaks ‘way up there’.

Applying the right gutter sealant over joints can therefore be a wise precaution. That’s providing it can withstand the same stormy weather and harsh temperatures. This method is also an acceptable way to seal leaks that develop subsequently, by applying sealant on the inside where it is not visible.

However, We Must Use the Right Gutter Sealant for the Job

The material we use to seal eavestrough joints against leaks, is essentially a thick glue that adheres over the coupling. This method works well if applied correctly, provided the sealant is compatible with the underlying material.

Step 1… Ensure the surface is scrupulously clean and dry before starting, and remove any previous seal completely. The correct sealant will not adhere to moisture, alien chemicals, dust, and dirt. It only sticks to surfaces its maker intended.

Step 2 …Use a gutter sealer that’s made especially for the job and the material the eavestrough is made of. Balancing on top of a ladder, or hanging over the edge of a roof is dangerous enough, without battling with a gooey material that refuses to stick to anything, except to your hands and clothes.

Step 3 … You really do need to stop and ask yourself ‘is this something I ought to be doing when I could find a specialist contractor.’ If you slip down the ladder will your medical or accident insurance pay? When last did you read the small print in their terms and conditions?

Choosing a Decent Contractor for the Job

There are good, average, and very slip-shod roofing contractors in Calgary. Ask them a couple of questions before signing on the dotted line.

1… How do you prepare the surface for the waterproofing compound?

2… How resistant is the material to solar UV light? How long will the repair last?

3… Convince me you use the right gutter sealant that is sufficiently flexible

Valiant Exteriors are one of Calgary’s preferred roof, eavestrough, and siding specialists. We are a small, privately owned company with an acknowledged dedication to quality. Invite us for a free quote, and you’ll understand why we are still in business after fourteen successful years.

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