The Right Time to Clean Your Gutters

The right time to clean your gutters is before the next heavy rain, because they could overflow if they have debris blocking them. However, none of us are perfect weather watchers, and it could be a challenge to predict when the rains will come.

Your next-best option, and the one we recommend at Valiant Exteriors, is to follow a seasonal program, with which we would be delighted to assist. Unless of course you prefer to scramble up a ladder, in which case a similar seasonal program would apply.

Regular Stoppage Points in Eaves Trough Systems

Rainwater generally finds its way past twigs and leaves in straight gutter runs. As it flows, it gathers this debris with it, and hopefully takes it safely through the down pipes. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and so an accumulation develops over the mouth of the down pipe.

This accumulation gradually rots until if forms a solid plug, almost completely blocking your eaves troughs at this point. Your warning sign is a steady drip at the bottom of the down pipe. The right time to clean your gutters is before this happens. Stay with us and we’ll tell you the best time to do so.

Best Time of Year to Clear Your Gutters

You may need to clean your gutter system several times a year, depending on these factors:

  • The type of gutter system you have, and whether it slopes to the correct extent.
  • Whether or not you have tall trees growing nearby, that lose their leaves in autumn.
  • Your local weather and climate in terms of seasonal rain fall patterns and intensity.

However, and regardless of these factors, the right time to clean your gutters is at least once a year after autumn, or at the beginning of spring. This will help clear leaves, debris, and moss before the summer rainfall arrives.

However, and this can apply in Calgary depending on where you live, you may need to clear your gutters twice, or even three times a year. Those tall trees growing nearby could force you into this situation, especially if you live in an exposed rainy or windy location.

Get More Free Advice from Gutter Experts

We don’t just clear gutters at Valiant Exteriors, We also repair roofs, install gutters, and re-roof buildings completely. A well-aligned gutter system of the right proportions can help reduce the number of times you have to clean your gutters. Unless, of course, you enjoy climbing ladders and unblocking them!

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