Best Hanger Brackets for Gutters

The Best Gutter Brackets for Your Eavestroughs

Gutter brackets are largely overlooked by homeowners installing eavestrough systems, provided they ‘look good’ to their eyes. However, these hangers play quite a critical role, because they are responsible for keeping the entire eavestrough system in position. We discuss the various options available, and motivate the best hanger brackets in the business.

Fair, Indifferent, and Bad Hanger Brackets in Our Industry

  • SPIKE AND FERRULE hangers were popular a while ago, because they were simple to install. However, the long nails that secured them to the roof structure often worked loose resulting in the gutters rattling in the wind.
  • BRACKET GUTTER hangers attach to walls at convenient intervals, where they support a run of gutters. We can’t recommend these crude fittings, because they interrupt the flow of what should be pleasing architecture.
  • HALF-ROUND GUTTER hangers clip gutters into position beneath a roof structure, soffit, or slab. This may be adequate for industrial applications, or in situations where they are not visible.
  • SNAP-IN GUTTER hangers have become an affordable, popular solution for flexible plastic gutters. However, they are visible from below, and may deface the appearance of a home as they age and stain.
  • FASCIA GUTTER hangers work similarly to snap-in gutter ones. They also attach to convenient points on gutters or fascias. However, in this instance the gutter run rests in them loosely, so there is no permanent attachment.
  • STRAP GUTTER hangers are a somewhat cruder alternative, comprising of a basic metal strip pre-formed to align with the gutter cross-sections. As all the other gutter brackets we discussed, these are far from being the best gutter brackets.

Why We Only Use Hidden Hangars in Our Installations

Several of the above solutions have fallen out of fashion for reasons we mentioned. Others, such a snap-in gutter brackets survive because they cost less. We don’t believe in cutting corners at Valiant Exteriors by supplying cheap alternatives.

The three main types of gutter hangars in Calgary are plastic, steel, and aluminum ‘hidden hangers’. These clip firmly onto the tops of gutters, screw onto fascias or rafters, and are invisible from beneath.

Why not call (403)829-1661 and ask us to quote for K-Style aluminum gutters, in a variety of colors we make on site so they are a perfect fit. They come complete with matching hidden hangars, and we fix them with fully-threaded galvanized screws.

Valiant Exterior’s commitment to quality work stands out above others in Calgary. Our high standards reflect our desire to earn our customers trust for life. We back this up with $2 million liability insurance, so we can quote with confidence we have all our bases covered.

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