Hand-Mitered Corners Are Better

A call came through the other day from a disgruntled customer of another eavestrough company in Calgary. “I thought I was getting a seamless gutter system running right round my house,” they complained bitterly. “Can you do anything about the clunky box corners they added as an afterthought?”

Unfortunately, we had to tell them they were stuck with the problem, unless they were prepared to replace part of each eavestrough run. “Try not to look up at the corners,” was our best advice. And to be honest we have heard the same story many times before, and it really is a cheap economy.

How Prefabricate Box Corners End Up Clunky

Prefabricated box corners are mass-produced in machines, so they all come out looking exactly the same. However, we can easily pick holes in that logic, because humans build houses and every one ends up different.

This is particularly relevant because their corners are seldom perfectly square. This means the fitter has to push and shove the intersecting eavestroughs to get the three components aligned, resulting in an imperfect, clunky fit. It’s an unavoidable problem  many duped clients simply do not notice at the time.

Referring to Our Image Above For a Moment

Our quaintly picturesque image dates from Victorian times, when they put eight-sided, octagonal mini-towers on roofs complete with their own down-scaled eavestroughs. They believed in quality in those days, and hand-fabricated most things.

The point we want to make is this. They could set mitered corners at almost any angle, and so can we too, following the same proven technique. Our eavestrough corners where two eavestroughs join should never look clunky, because we tailor them individually on the job.

This Complements Our Seamless Eavestroughs

We create our seamless eavestrough runs on client sites using our own bespoke machines. But we hand-make the corners manually. This means they are picture perfect when our skilled fitters put them up. And the client gets a system that’s perfect to the eye, plus these distinct advantages too:

  • Easy maintenance with no joints to work loose and leak.
  • Less likelihood of twigs and leaves backing up and clogging.
  • An undeniably aesthetic effect complementing your home.

Don’t Take Chances – Get It Right First Time

Speak to Valiant Exteriors about a quote before you place an order with another firm. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable our services are, and how we tidy up properly afterwards.

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