6 Gutter Problems to Know About

Gutters may be ‘up there’ out of sight, but they play an important role in the health of a house. They make sure moisture can’t cause damp inside, or damage the foundations underground. However, just because they are passive systems does not mean they don’t need regular attention.

The problem is we don’t give them much attention, because they ‘up there’ out of sight. This is not a good strategy, because replacements are surprisingly expensive when serious gutter problems develop. There’s a good chance we can avoid this, if we keep a hand to six aspects of gutters that are surprisingly important.

The 6 Biggest Gutter Problems No Homeowner Needs

1… There’s nothing to ‘crow’ about birds nesting under the eaves, or pecking in the gutters. This is a sure sign food or nesting material is accumulating up there, and could eventually stop the flow of water completely.

2… Therefore, you need to get someone up there to remove the debris and flush them clear twice a year. Since we don’t want our readers hurting themselves, we’ll add it makes sense to arrange a service by somebody in the know.

3… It’s important the water flows correctly, and distributes evenly to the several down pipes. If this is not the case and the water pools, you could end with a garden up there again. Fortunately, it’s often possible to fix this with a slight adjustment.

4… Gutters are sections of open  troughs, and closed pipes joined together. The joints between them should not leak, unless they take a hard knock or sag under the weight of ice. Fix leaks before you have to wash down the wall or worse.

5… Those are the simple gutter problems that should be quick and easy to fix. Storm damage is more serious, because it can twist and damage components. Get it fixed before the problem deteriorates, and you have to replace the entire run.

6… However, our biggest problem can be inheriting a poorly designed, badly maintained gutter system with a house. In that case it may be pointless throwing good money after bad, and not sorting anything out properly.

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