6 Tips for Re-Siding Your Home

There is a great saying in our workshop ‘measure twice, cut once’. In other words, be sure you know what you want, before you do it. Not wasting materials helps us keep our prices keen. Thinking things through carefully opens the door to residing your home successfully.

Re-Siding Your Home Successfully in Six Easy Steps

1… Become inspired by what you see around you. Take a drive through your neighbourhood looking for colours and features that excite you. Research images on Google and Pinterest for inspiration. Visit our portfolio of successful projects to see what we could do for you.

2… Choose a budget for your job by deciding what you can afford, but what can also achieve your dreams. Speak to local contractors at your premises. Discuss your options, get estimates from them. A siding professional adds real value at this stage of the project.

3… Agree a project plan with your family. This is extremely important, because removing and replacing siding is a noisy job and we can’t help that. Consider having the job done in the low winter season. You could save money that way, although it is not worth cutting corners on workmanship.

4… Fill in the details of your project plan. Are you using vinyl siding, or James Hardie fibre cement? How do you want the inside and outside corners finished, and the windows and doors? Details like these add to project costs. Residing your home successfully – and within budget – means nailing down the details before you start.

5… You are now in a position to choose a siding contractor. This is the make-or-break decision that determines the success of the project. Don’t necessarily believe every word they say. Ask to see several recent siding jobs. Review their testimonials on their websites.

6… Prepare for the project by agreeing dates, and where the contractor will park their vehicles and store their materials. Then prepare for hammering outside by removing precious pictures from the walls. After a few hectic days the hammers will fall silent. Step outside and admire the view. Residing your home successfully came true.

Please speak to the friendly people at family-owned Valiant Exteriors Ltd in Calgary if you need more advice about the siding on our home. We have a great reputation as you will discover when you view our testimonials here.

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