How to Choose the Best Siding Colour

Choosing the right combination of tints is a watershed decision. That’s because you can’t change the colour of vinyl, or easily match the robustness of a pre-painted fibre cement coating. We found an excellent post on Better Homes & Gardens we decided to share. Walk around your immediate neighbourhood first, they advise, because you want to be part of the general ambience.

Are You Adding to Your Existing Architecture?

Try to blend in with what you already have if you are extending your home, unless you want to create a contrast. In either instance your architectural style may influence your range of choices.

For example, if your home is trad-colonial you may decide to use a single, lighter colour. However, if you have a modern home you could liven things up with a variety of bold colours and textures.

Factoring in Roof Colour and the Expanse of Walls

The colour of your roof has a definite bearing on the colour of your walls, especially if it is light grey slate, for example. In that case you may like to consider a slightly darker siding colour, or plain white to make a contrast.

Colours always look lighter in a brochure than the real thing. This effect magnifies on larger expanses of walls. A darker tint around doors and windows makes them stand out without being overpowering.

Right Siding and a Garden Make a Home

If you have large trees in the garden with bright flowers, and brilliant autumn tints you could complement these with the right colour sidings. You could also ‘reverse-engineer’ this effect with colourful patio furniture.

However, if you have a busy cottage garden, you may prefer to set this off with a light colour siding, that acts as a neutral background and does not overpower things.

And Finally, Considering the Climate

A sample colour may seem dull on a cold, snowed-in day, but appear as intense as yellow buttercups on a bright one at height of summer.

Therefore, you need to remember you are choosing a colour tone you will appreciate right around the year. Back to the neighbourhood for moment. What colours do you admire most on other people’s houses, and why?

Choose a Contractor Who Helps You Decide

If you choose Valiant Exteriors to install your new siding, we’ll be happy to paint colour swatches on different sides of your house, so you can see how they perform in the morning, the afternoon and the evening. We are as keen as you are to get the job perfect. Call (403)829-1661 now, let’s chat right away.

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