Asphalt Shingle Details to Think About

Asphalt shingles make a great roof covering for the discerning home owner. They can look positively stylish after adding a few tweaks we consider here. They also last a surprisingly long time when properly prepared and laid. Here are a few asphalt shingle details you may like to think about before deciding to go ahead.


Regular Versus High Profile Ridge Capping


Plain ridge capping involves folding standard shingles over and attaching them to create a watertight seal. This may not be possible with thicker ones as these can hairline crack and the damage could gradually spread in summer when they expand slightly.

High profile ridge caps are purpose made to get around this. They also make a more dramatic statement emphasizing the features of the roof with depth and texture. One of the most important asphalt shingle details to remember is high ridge caps catch strong winds more easily than standard, smoother ones.


Asphalt Shingle Details in Terms of Roof Venting


A functional attic venting system is essential to avoid roof deterioration through heat and moisture buildup during the year. You definitely need a balanced system of intakes and exhausts to prevent ice dams forming in winter.

Natural air flow enters at the eaves, soffit or lower portion of the roof and exits at the ridge or upper portion of the roof. Increase roof ventilation by adding more intakes than exhausts, and never allow leaves or other debris to block them. These small asphalt shingle details can make a big difference to your comfort inside the house.


Which is Best: Galvanised or Colour Valley Flashing


The weakest point of any roof is at the edges. The valleys where snow, rain and melt converge are potentially the weakest of all in terms of leaks. Generously broad flashing correctly formed solves this, but how long will it last?

Galvanised steel flashing is more affordable than copper or aluminum. However the sacrificial coating will eventually fail allowing rust to take hold. We recommend using aluminum flashing instead which is available in a variety of colours.


Should I Upgrade to Better Quality Roof  Vents?


No discussion regarding asphalt shingle details would be complete without considering this aspect. Standard eave and ridge vents should be adequate provided they run the full length without any obstruction.

Is there are signs yours are not working properly then give us call at (403)829-1661 to discuss or send an email from here. You may need different venting. On the other hand, a Valiant Exteriors specialist may find a quicker and easier solution to your problem.

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