Why Are My Windows Becoming Foggy

It was quite common to see windows becoming foggy on the inside in days of single glass panes. That was because high indoor humidity condensed, and formed moisture droplets in response to cold air outside.

If you have the same problem with your double-glaze windows, first try wiping the inside pane to see what happens. If the fog is still there, then there’s no point in ventilating your home.

That’s because moisture has gotten between the inner and outer panes because a seal has failed. While the damp may gradually fade away in the course of the day it will be back again in the morning.


How Insulated Glass Prevents Windows Becoming Foggy


Glass has a very low ability to prevent heat flowing through it from your home to outside. A double-glaze window is a considerable improvement, because there is argon or krypton gas trapped between the panes inside the frame.

We can improve on this further by putting low-e coatings between the panes, and adding extra layers of glass. However this will still only be half as good as a solid wall. Nevertheless, your HVAC bill could give you reason to smile after the conversion.


What Happens When a Seal Fails in a Double Window?


The argon or krypton gas is under positive pressure between the panes of a double window, which is a great start. Moreover, the high quality, double-glaze windows we supply have an inner seal to prevent moisture intruding, plus a rigid outer seal for added strength.

Therefore, both seals need to fail before there’s a warning sign of windows becoming foggy. However, when this happens you are already on a downhill slide, because the situation will only worsen until the window becomes permanently unsightly.

Window seals often fail after regular slamming if they were badly installed. Like most other things, windows can only tolerate ultraviolet rays, old age, atmospheric pressure changes, and birds flying into them for so long.

If your windows are starting to fog overnight, then that’s a sure sign that the seals are failing. Under certain circumstances, we can repair them. However, in most cases the outer frames have become stained and unsightly.

In that case, perhaps you should consider asking window specialists Valiant Exteriors to call by and provide a free estimate. The number to call is Calgary (403)829-1661. We are a small, family-owned business and we provide friendly personal service.

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