Calgary Roofers Still Face Shortfalls

The material shortages still linger in Calgary supply chains, despite us being over the worst COVID-19 hump. That’s because many of the big players upstream are still only producing enough material to face anticipated demand.

That’s perfectly understandable, and we don’t hold it against them because we know they are doing their best. Meanwhile, we and our customers are facing delays, and we  needed to provide an update.

Calgary Roofers’ Shortages Still Rippling Through System

We had an almost ‘perfect storm of surges’ beginning early 2021. First, a general lockdown caused most factories to stop ordering materials, and manufacturing finished products. Those giant ore mines and mills don’t turn around on a penny either, but that’s just the beginning of the story.

Calgary roofers had a harsh, lingering winter too, and just when we thought things were improving a giant container ship blocked the Suez Canal.  This had a major impact on shipping, because so many vessels had their schedules interrupted.

Deteriorating relations between United States and China did not help either. In fact, we can think of few consumer goods in Canada that don’t have components made in China. Of for that matter alternatively, traveled through Suez Canal on their journey.

How We Are Overcoming the Challenge in Calgary

We have backed off from our just-in-time policy for now. We won’t loosen a single tile or sheet on a roof, unless we have the material on hand to complete the job. This has extended our lead times somewhat, although our customers have greater certainty.

For these reasons and an abundance of caution, we can’t budge from our projections, and we can’t finally commit to a deadline either until everything is lined up and ready to begin.

Most of our customers accept the situation, and don’t mind being in a queue when we explain. Sure, we have lost a few deals lately, but at least those that stay with us have a greater measure of certainty, of which we are proud.

We continue to experience short-term shortages of roofs, and roof deck materials, as well as shingles, eavestroughs and down pipes, and siding. However, from where we sit we sense the bottlenecks are easing.

This could be your time to get into the queue. For your upgrade that could make your home seem new again. You’re welcome to call us on (403) 532 09505 in Calgary, or message us by following this link.

We’ll inspect your home and give you a free quote. We hope you’ll find working with us a real pleasure, and that you have your new roof up soon.


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