Four Steps Before Our Roofers Arrive

Removing an old roof covering and installing a new one can be a messy business. That’s because we are never quite sure what we’ll find, when we strip the old covering away. But you can rest assured we’ll do our very best to cause as little disruption as we can. You can smooth the way from your end by preparing before our roofers arrive.

4 Smart Steps to Take Before Our Roofers Arrive


We can’t guarantee the odd shingle won’t come loose and slide down the roof. The ongoing noise can upset pets, and kids are curious too. Manage the situation. If they could be somewhere else for the day, then that would be ideal.

Prepare your neighbours for the project before our roofers arrive, so they know what to expect because this is going to be disturbing for them too. Encourage them to consider alternative plans for the days we will be there.

In fact now we think of it, consider the possibility of using roofer days for shopping, visiting friends, taking leisurely drives through the countryside, etc. unless you are going to be at work.


Trim the plants and trees away from the walls, and near the roof edge before we arrive. That’s way, you can shape them the way you want. It’s a good idea to mow the lawn too, so we can remove any debris easily.

We need clear working space around the house for ladders, materials, and equipment. Remove patio and yard furniture, barbecue, potted plants and so on to a far corner where they’ll be safe.

We also appreciate access to your yard for vehicles and storing materials. Find somewhere else for cars, boats, motorcycles etc.  so there’s no chance we could bump or scratch them.


There’s going to be some banging and hammering in the process. We can’t prevent that, because it’s in the nature of the job. Play safe by taking the mirrors and pictures off the walls before our roofers arrive.

Dust settles in nooks and crannies in roofs. When we disturb it some will end up in the house. Cover your soft furnishings over. Remove anything fragile and precious from the attic while the work is on.

We are going to need access to electric power on all four sides on the house. Exterior power outlets are first prize. If not, we need to feed our extension cords through windows and doors nearby inside points we can use.


Research your options carefully before choosing your roofer. Ask to speak to previous clients. Be extra careful of believing there will be no noise, dust and fuss. Valiant Exteriors have been there before. We know what to expect. WE make promises we can keep.


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Image: Stripping Old Roof Covering Away (Victor Grigas BY CC 2.0)

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