Comparing Different Roof Coverings in Canada

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A decent roof frame should support metal, cedar, asphalt, and rubber roofing. In fact, concrete and clay tiles are the only roof coverings requiring heavier trusses because of extra weight. Customers often ask us which of these various options is best. Our invariable answer is that depends on your circumstances, and preferences.


Concrete Tiles for a Classic Look at Lower Cost


Concrete tiles can work out 25% cheaper than clay ones, and they can mimic their appearance and shakes too. They are extremely weather proof and one of the most robust materials available.

However they do absorb moisture, and can stain and develop mildew. Laying them is a task best left to an expert roofer. Cement manufacture contributes 8% of greenhouse gases causing some clients to prefer other materials.


Metal Roofing for the Environmentally Conscious


Metal roof sheets are a popular choice, and they can assume the appearance of victorian metal tiles, shingles, clay tiles and wood shakes. They are light, durable and fire safe, and often comprise recycled materials.

However, it can often be difficult to detect the source of leaks, because of the long runs of metal. Metal sheeting is not ideal in climates where air temperatures vary widely. Some folk find the sound of rain on it annoying.


Red Cedar Wood Shakes and Shingles for the Classic Look


Many customers opt for wooden shakes and shingles, especially red cedar ones that contain natural anti-rotting chemicals. However they are flammable and local regulations may outlaw them in high fire-risk areas.

It has become important to ensure these products come from sustainable forests. Remember, trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen that helps sustain life and we need them.


Asphalt Shingles for a Quick, Inexpensive Solution


Canada has extensive natural asphalt resources and extraction does not contribute significantly to global warming. That said, asphalt (and concrete) do absorb heat from the sun which is why cities are warmer than the countryside.

Asphalt shingles are popular because they are low cost. They are also lightweight, and therefore need careful attaching to the roof frame. However, they seldom last more than two decades, making them expensive in the long run.


Long-Lasting Rubber Composite Synthetic Slates


These slate look-alikes comprise rubber and plastic, so they do have a carbon footprint. That said, they are lightweight, flexible and fairly robust. Some brands are fire-resistant, which would be an added advantage.

Maintenance is a simple matter of finding and replacing damaged slates. The better brands have warranties of up to fifty years. Obtain them from an established supplier with a proven track record in the business.

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