Does an 8th Inch Gutter Expansion Matter?

Aluminum seamless gutters are made from thin, pliable material that expands and contracts in length with the ambient temperature. You may like to know how a 50-foot run of seamless aluminum eavestroughing behaves in detail if you are a ‘numbers person’.

Your short answer is it could expand or contract in length by 3/8th inch over a 51 ºF degree temperature change. Although the actual impact of an 8th inch gutter expansion or contraction during a 17 ºF degree temperature shift depends on the ambient temperature at the time of installation.

Please Slow Down I Need to Catch Up With This

Apologies but we felt we should unload the raw facts first. A fitter installs an aluminum seamless gutter according to standard procedure.  This means if this at the height of summer, then the gutter will contract in autumn and winter, while the gutter will expand in summer if they fit it in the cold season.

An 8th inch gutter expansion may sound like small fry. However, twice that amount can apply strong pressure to the length of gutter. It could tear a bracket loose if it contracts in the cold, although it is more likely to buckle and warp as it expands in the heat.

Countering Degrees of 8th Inch Gutter Expansion / Contraction

Thermal expansion also applies to many other structural materials at home, from the roof trusses to the fascias, and yes the gutters. If you hear clicking sounds in the roof as a hot day cools at night, now you know what is going on.

An eavestrough system too is also a living thing, although we have to attach it firmly to the house so storms won’t damage it. The secret is installing a long length of guttering in two separate sections. That way we share the cumulative 8th inch gutter expansion and contraction.

We’ve got this down to a fine art at Valiant Exterior Solutions. Our modern gutter extruding machine puts a tight turn along the front and back of our gutter runs. This thoroughly reduces the likelihood of twisting.

When we split a run into two lengths, we seal the joint with permanently flexible sealant that can give and take expansion and contraction. We characterize our work by attending to the finer details, as well as to the big picture too.

Yet our clients tell us our prices are remarkably reasonable. Please give us a call if you’d like a free quote for eavestroughing, siding or roofing work. We are the small Calgary family-run business with a big eye for detail where it counts.

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