Eavestrough Installation in Winter

Installing Eavestroughs in Winter Can Be a Great Idea

Calgary residents tend to spend more time indoors in winter, and that’s quite understandable. The garden is dormant, and it’s warmer inside which are two perfectly good reasons. However, its business as usual for us at Valiant Exteriors, and this includes eavestrough installation in winter.

Perhaps this is something you should consider. We discuss the pros and cons in this article so you have all the facts. If you decide you would like new eavestroughs this winter, please give us a call. We’ll pop around, inspect your premises, and give you a fair quote which is your warranty of quality.

Factors Against Eavestrough Installation in Winter

We can’t recommend the average Calgary homeowner tackles eavestrough replacement themselves during the cold season, unless they take adequate precautions. Patches of slippery snow and ice can linger in shady corners. If they decide to a go ahead on their own, they will need their new eavestroughs in position before the next batch of snow arrives.

We install eavestroughs all year round in Calgary. We have state-of-the-art equipment, and can have the new eavestroughs in position the same day we take the old ones down. It’s a case of watching the weather, and not starting a job unless we are confident it will remain favorable while we work.

How Winter Eavestrough Projects Often Make Sense

  1. An aging eavestrough system is most likely to fail when it is carrying extra weight from winter storms. If your system is sagging or leaking, call an expert for advice.
  2. Winter is a quieter period for us in the Calgary eavestrough business. This makes it easier for us to slot in gutter replacement when it suits our clients’ schedules.
  3. A timely eavestrough installation in winter makes sense from a keen gardener’s perspective. The sap is down, and there’s less chance of damaging spring growth.

We Are On Your Side at Valiant Exteriors

We work all year round at Valiant Exteriors, and offer the same warranty regardless of the season of installation. We pre-heat the sealant, as well as the gutter joints, before applying sealant to ensure proper adhesion every time.

Winter may indeed be a good time to consider eavestrough replacement if you have flower beds surrounding your home, which might get damaged in spring and summer months. Not to mention the other reasons we mentioned, which add up to this being a great idea that makes sense.

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