Policies and Procedures Grow Strong Teams

Work Policies and Procedures Deliver Better Value to Customers

We’re a strong team at Valiant Exteriors. We all row in the same direction, because everybody knows their job. Naturally, choosing the best people is an essential start. However, we also need policies and procedures, so our individual contributions dovetail together.

Why We Need Policies and Procedures in Our Line of Business

With the best will in the world, we can’t be everywhere all the time as business owners and leaders. Therefore we need to document the roles and responsibilities of every team member.

But we also need to define the standards we set, so everybody understands how we go about fulfilling out undertakings to our clients. So much for that, and we’re confident you’ll agree such things are necessary. However, these are not the only reasons why we need policies and procedures. In fact there are four more:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY – We have a right to hold our employees accountable, and to perform their duties correctly. However, they for their part are entitled to insist we explain ourselves clearly. Policies and procedures eliminate confusion when we think them through properly. That’s how they help build great teams that work together well.
  • REGULATORY – However, there a number of aspects in our work where we must comply with local and national laws. Industrial safety is an excellent example, but there are others governing employee rights. We can’t expect our employees – or ourselves – to remember the details. The best way is to put these requirements in writing in terms we understand.
  • STANDARDIZATION – We find our work goes smoother and more peacefully, when we have policies and procedures and standards that define how we perform tasks. A simple example might be how we clean and test power tools at the end of each working day, and sign them back into store. This simple procedure means far less time preparing to start the next job.
  • COMMON CULTURE – Culture is the way that we do things, and this varies between nations. Our customers have a right to insist we work efficiently as a team, with as little downtime as possible. When we arrive on site dressed smartly, and with clean tools, they can tell we know what to do. Common culture builds teams. Great teams work well together.

You’ll Notice the Difference With Valiant Exteriors

Customers pay for mistakes, because bad contractors build provisions into their prices. We don’t do that at Valiant Exteriors, because we have a policy of doing things right. You’ll notice the difference with us because our policies and procedures aim to eliminate errors. The work goes quickly and smoothly. And as an added bonus, we won’t leave a mess behind.

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