Four Different Eavestrough Systems for You to Choose

We have a choice of four different eavestrough systems in Calgary, but which one is best for you we ask. Clients often ask us this question, and we decided to write this post for ease of reference. In headline terms, the four different types of gutter materials are aluminum, steel, copper, and vinyl. We mostly install aluminum, steel occasionally, and copper rarely on request.


Comparing Aluminum, Steel, Copper and Vinyl Eavestrough Systems


Seamless Aluminum Gutters

We manufacture our runs of aluminum seamless gutters on site using a roll of flat material, and a rolling machine that allows us to turn out standard 5” troughs, and 6” larger ones with more carrying capacity. The main advantages of aluminum eavestrough systems are they are lighter, relatively less expensive, and quick and easy to install. However, they may dent during a heavy hailstorm, which damage your insurance may cover depending on the severity.

Seamless Steel Gutters

We also manufacture steel seamless eavestroughs on site. While steel may look a touch classier than aluminum – and is more resistant to hail – these eavestrough systems come at a price. Their disadvantages include longer installation time, and more strain on fascias due to greater weight. If you choose them, please be aware that even steel eventually rusts. The denser material also expands and contracts during hot and cold seasons, and slight deformation may occur.

Seamless Copper Gutters

Copper has a respected place in older buildings where its iridescent colours blend with other architectural elements. It is also the most durable and rust resistant material among metal gutters. However copper is relatively soft – think hail – heavy, and expensive. Copper eavestrough systems come with a high labour bill attached. Soldering them together is time-consuming. Despite best efforts, these joints may begin to leak as the years pass.

Vinyl UPVC Gutters

Vinyl gutters are a popular do-it-yourself alternative, for homeowners prepared to work on ladders with attached safety concerns. They work well, provided they slope smoothly towards downpipes. However, they warp when unevenly fitted to fascias, and this causes the dry joints to distort and leak. UV light makes UPVC eavestrough systems brittle and hail may smash through. You cannot paint them your favourite designer colour.


For These Reasons, Aluminum Seamless Gutters are a Popular Choice


Nothing in this world is perfect, and that goes for eavestrough systems too. However, taken overall aluminum seamless gutters are the natural choice for Calgary homes. Valiant Exteriors Ltd specialises in siding, soffit, fascia and seamless eavestroughing systems. We offer solutions for property owners, builders, contractors, and insurance companies. Please call 4038291661 or visit our contact page if you would like us to call. We look forward to hearing from you.


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