Steel and Aluminium as Residential Cladding

steel aluminum cladding calgary
Unattractive Beam Feature Before Aluminium Cladding © Valiant Exteriors

Siding is arguably the second most important part of your home exterior after the roof. That’s because it keeps the weather at bay, while keeping you tucked up snug in bed at night. It also has the essential role of preserving the value of your biggest investment in the eye of potential future buyers.


Factors to Consider when Choosing Siding Type


Maintenance is your primary concern, giving the increasingly extreme weather climate change is sending Calgary’s way. Insulation is also an important cost factor, because the better it is, the less our heating costs.

A cheap siding can increase both these costs alarmingly across a decade. Finally, the life expectancy tells us how many years it might be, before we start the process all over again. We have had many clients tell us how they regretted choosing cheap siding suggested by other contractors.


Steel and Aluminium Sidings Hold Advantages


Metal sidings score highly on low maintenance costs, and require little if any attention from homeowners. This makes them an attractive choice for parts of Canada subjected to extreme weather.  Indeed, frost, rain, snow, sleet, wind, and even heat have minimal impact.

steel aluminum cladding calgary
Unattractive Beam Feature After Aluminium Cladding © Valiant Exteriors

But that’s not the end of metal’s many advantages. Aluminium and steel also repel fungus and mould that gradually destroy wood siding while negatively affecting the family’s health inside. This is particularly relevant to overhangs and corners where damp may remain for a long time.

Finally, metals are insects’ enemies, when they enclose convenient nesting spots making them inacessible. Metal sidings are also heat and fire resistant. These are essential factors in fire-risk areas. However there is no such thing as a perfect siding. Like their competition, steel and aluminium have their own disadvantages.


The Downsides of Aluminium and Steel Siding


Aluminium is a soft metal and may dent in a hailstorm. Moreover, replacing damaged sections is tricky because it does not hold colours well over time. It can, however be over-painted to achieve a uniform effect.

Steel also can dent and scratch and lose its sheen. Even the best coated steel eventually rusts. The upside of this is steel (and aluminium) are recyclable. Please call Valiant Exteriors in Calgary on 403 829 1661, or send an email message to us here for more information.

As ever, we’ll provide impartial specialist advice according to the particular circumstances applying to your home

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