You Can’t Beat Experience in Our Part of the Industry

There’s definitely more to exterior renovations than first appears, even though sidings, soffits, fascias, eaves trough gutters, and down pipes all play an essential part in weather-proofing our homes. This is also because they contribute largely to curb appeal when viewed from the street. A botched exterior can cause a buyer to say no right away, when you think about it.


Concern for Quality Begins with Our Evaluation


We will not quote for projects unless we have been on site. We have seen too many botched jobs by other contractors that do not line up properly, or have concealed joins where the material was cut too short. In other cases, jobs have been finished in slapdash fashion because the contractor was running out of time.

All construction work and most other things succeed and fail at the design stage. Therefore, estimating correctly is the first critical point in any project we do. If a client tells us “XYZ is cheaper” our answer invariably is, “Our price is for quality work. You should use XYZ if your main concern is construction cost”.


Managing Up Front to Prevent Material Shortfalls


A home or other building prepared for new sidings, soffits, fascias, eaves trough gutters, and down pipes is largely stripped of its weather defences. Therefore, it’s essential to have everything to hand before we start. We took over a botched building-paper and siding replacement where the original contractor had a material shortfall. The owner was fortunate the insurer paid out the water damage.

That brings us to the topic of planning for the weather, which can take unexpected turns in Calgary where we work. We have the best long- and short-term forecasts available. We also aim to cover eventualities by doing jobs in sections, if the weather could take a bad turn in the form of a summer thunderstorm.


Keeping the Occupants and Neighbours Informed


We can’t guarantee a temper will not flare somewhere because we do make a fair amount of noise with power tools and hammers. We prefer to arrange a pre-meeting with occupants and neighbours so they know what to expect. However, as we said ours is a noisy construction job, and there is no way of getting around that.

Our pledge to customers is to spend as little time as possible doing the job correctly, by estimating, planning, and preparing beforehand. Many inexperienced contractors do not understand the principle of “measure twice and cut once”. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover how our efficiencies help hold your costs down. Give us a call on 403 829 1661 and we’ll explain in more detail.


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