Choosing in The Rainbow of James Hardie Colours

James Hardie fibre cement siding comes in a variety of colours so you can pick and choose, and live colourfully as their slogan goes. Of course we could also tint plain ones to suit your particular taste, although there may be extra labour and material charges we will keep as low as possible. Without further ado, let us explore the wonderful world of Hardie tints.


The Six Points on the Axis of James Hardie Colours


# LIVE VIBRANTLY with powerful reds, deep oranges, and golden yellows that speak of Calgary autumns you have known. Consider the grey-toned reds especially if you have an older house in a rural town. Use these for trims in all environments.

# MEANDER SERENELY through life in the colours of the sky, and water. Robin’s egg blue is a cool breeze while navy adds a touch of maritime tradition. However, grey blue works almost everywhere as the main theme, or a valued accessory.

# LIVE LUSHLY with yellows and greens, advises James Hardie. Deeper greens express a mature family, while yellow-based ones speak of spring, new growth, and new life. Choose greens if you live in a forest. Add green shutters to bungalows and cottages.

# LIVE SIMPLY instead, if this is the beat of your drum. Soft pastels and whites speak of that which is bright, new, and clean. Set a white house amidst a rolling green lawn and the neighbours will admire. Have fun adding white trim to darker tones.

# EXPRESS YOUR GREAT ROMANCE with darker blues, greens and greys that have stood the test of time and become the standard for both the millennial modern and the intellectual idealist. Keep away from light if your neighbours’ walls are darker so you blend.

# LIVE WITH SOPHISTICATION, James Hardie concludes. If none of the above suit, then consider moving to more neutral chestnut browns, evening blues, and aged pewter. Play with colours before you add the trims, to complete a scheme that is truly your own.

Would you like us to call around with colour samples? Tones on the internet are a great start, although not everything tints in cyber space true to life. Different browsers and different monitors interpret website codes subtly differently. Allow Valiant Exteriors to offer advice based on our deep, personal experience. Call us on 403 829 1661 or send us an email. Whichever suits you best, and we will be delighted to provide advice.

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