Fibre Cement Over Vinyl Siding: Is It Worth the Cost?

Given the expense of buying and maintaining a home, it is no wonder so many Calgary homeowners choose vinyl over fibre. However, fibre siding wins hands down over vinyl with the exception of cost of installation. Hence, it makes a better investment if you are planning to keep your home for a while.


The Material Advantages of Fibre over Vinyl Siding


# Vinyl siding is much thinner than fibre cement (standard siding is 0.042″, fibre cement is 5/16″). Hence, fibre siding has the edge for durability, although you may not notice much visible difference except for a narrower shadow line. This toughness matters given the prevailing climate across the seasons.

# Fibre cement siding does not burn, although smoke from a nearby fire could blacken it. Vinyl is a combustible material. While the fire retardant treatment may help, it can still warp from the heat of a fire as much as fifty feet away. This represents a total loss as much as if it burned in flames.

# Textured siding is great, because we can make it look similar to wooden cladding for a classic Calgary look. Unfortunately, vinyl is too thin for anything more than a shallow groove. Whereas fibre cement siding accepts a deeper, more positive imprint. This can look like the real thing depending on the light.


More Durable Fibre Cement Lasts Longer


Replacing siding can disrupt a homeowner’s life for a week, depending on building size. Fitting a new outer skin to a home is noisy, what with power tools and constant hammering. If you can afford it, it makes more sense to fit a siding that is more durable, and consequently should look better for longer.

Moreover, vinyl siding takes holes easily. A stone from a lawnmower can punch through the thin material. In this instance, replacement is often the only option. While fibre siding may crack under similar impact, a repair may be possible in an unobtrusive spot. However vinyl is solid colour throughout, and so scratches won’t show as much as they will on fibre cement which is painted.

Much of the incremental cost of fibre siding boils down to it being more labour intensive to install. The material itself is more expensive, weighs more, and is overall more labour intensive. It also requires specialized tools and equipment like diamond tipped blades, shears, pneumatic nailers, and gauges. You get what you pay for in the building material game.

More and more Calgary homeowners are asking Valiant Exteriors to fit fibre cement siding to their homes. Please call this small, family owned business on 403 829 1661 for all your siding, soffit and eavestrough installations, repairs, and upgrades.

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