Installing a Gutter From a MEWP

We would never attempt to install an eaves trough system sitting on the edge of a roof, or bending over one from behind. In the first instance, this would be downright dangerous. While in the second, we can’t imagine achieving the smooth flowing lines we pride ourselves on. Installing a gutter from a MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) was the only option on some sites we worked on.

Safety First When Installing a Gutter From a MEWP

A mobile elevating work platform, or man lift as we call them in the field, is definitely not a toy. In fact, it can be dangerous when not used correctly, which is why we always recommend a second person overseeing the job.

However sometimes we have no choice, where limited space prevents us using a ladder or scaffolding as work platform. We come across this problem occasionally, where roof edges overhang streets or public pavements, and we cannot prevent public access for long.

Let’s take the situation in our cover photo for example, where the eaves trough we were working on overhung a narrow access road. The other tenants were prepared to allow us to restrict their access for one-hour periods only, during which times we had to work smartly.

But Safety Always Came First Regardless of Work Pressure!

We train our work teams to be mindful of the risks of installing a gutter from a MEWP, and remind them of these at the start of each work session:

  • An inattentive operator can jam themselves up against a fixed structure, and be unable to reach the controls.
  • A frustrating moment can cause them to forget the basics, lean too far out, lose their balance, and fall.

Having a supervisor on the ground below is the best way we know to avoid these things happening, and ensure the work platform does not become cluttered with unnecessary gear. However, ground conditions are equally important, because an unstable surface could cause the machine to tip over.

We also take extra care to ensure that safety work-harnesses are in position, and that the area is well cordoned-off to keep other people out of range of any falling objects inadvertently dropped. Hiring a mobile elevating work platform is a hassle, and we only use them as a last resort!

Installing Eaves Troughs From a Man Lift Is Expensive Too

We will never include the cost of a mobile elevating work platform in a quote, if we can avoid it. But we will never take a chance with safety either. Once the man lift in the photo arrived, the project essentially became a one man job, which added more pressure.

There are innumerable other  issues with using a man lift. Parking at night, blocking traffic and driveways while working, electrical wires, pedestrian traffic, gutter overhanging the bucket … too many issues to list here. But we are experienced and hardened enough to take these unique projects on, and shine.

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