Sourcing the Tradespeople of the Future

There was a time when sourcing the tradespeople we need in our business was still relatively easy. If we offered a fair rate and decent working conditions, we were able to find the people we needed. However, something changed in the past twenty years that makes it harder to find suitable staff.

This trend it not unique to trades in our line of business. Other companies providing a broad range of services are reporting having difficulty finding the right hands-on staff. We are having to look far out into the future to ensure we are able to recruit and retain quality people.

Shortage of Tradespeople Pushing Wages Higher

It’s a funny old thing but we always seem to pay more for something in short supply. When there’s a drought, the price of fresh produce goes up. But at least we know the prices will subside when the rain returns. Sadly, this is not the case in Calgary when it comes to sourcing tradespeople with the hard skills we need.

We figure there are a number of things behind this challenge. In the first instance, Canadian culture seems to favour getting a degree, although that’s no guarantee of a high wage. And secondly, the  level of tradespeople we employ work with increasingly high-tech equipment.

This gap between quality supply and demand inevitably nudges rates higher, as  electricians, plumbers, carpenters, fitters and the like realize their skills are in high demand. We can’t begrudge the fact that they are worth more than in the past. In fact, it is high time they get the recognition they deserve.

Cost of Sourcing Tradespeople Impacting Customers

But at the same time we find ourselves in a double bind. On the one hand, we believe in keeping our prices down for the sake of our business and customers. While we are equally committed to paying fair, competitive wages. All of us are customers, and all of us face the challenge of rising prices.

Our Peek Into Future of Trades in Calgary

We agree with CBC News Channel that it’s a crying shame that so many people believe that working with your hands is inferior. We need to encourage our youth to view trades as a secure pathway to the future. And as employers, we need the patience to help inexperienced people find their feet.

Many of the goods and services we expect to find in Calgary depend on hands-on people to deliver them. We look forward to the day when tradespeople find their rightful place in society, because, let’s face it, we cannot do without them.

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