The Important Parts of Your Shingle Roof

When we look up at our roof we could think the shingles are all there is to it. However there is a lot more than that protecting you from the elements. If you climbed up onto your roof, which we definitely don’t recommend you might not be much wiser.

The only way to understand the important parts of your roof  is to take it apart in your mind, so you understand the roofing system that underpins it, and how the various parts combine to keep your house dry inside.

Let’s Examine the Important Parts of Your Roof in More Detail

1… The framework of your roof: Step inside your attic and you’ll see what looks like a complicated structure unless the builders paneled it in, which case you’ll have to rely on the picture at the top of this post.

2…The triangular trusses rest on the walls and give the roof its pitch. The longitudinal rafters secure these together, while the diagonal ones keep the roof rectangular. The smaller longitudinal battens support the roof covering which is your main defence against snow, sleet, and rain.

3… The roof decking over: The roof decking attaches to the battens and is the foundation for the shingles. Its thickness depends on several factors. These  include the slope, and the spacing of the battens.

4… The roof underlayment: Adding a later of waterproof or water-resistant material on the roof decking beneath the shingles carries any moisture away that might blow through in a violent storm as the shingles age. This extends the life of the roof decking by countering damp rot.

5… The top layer of shingles: The shingles on the top edge of the roof are fully waterproof, and they add lasting beauty to many homes in Calgary. It’s a minor miracle how the design comes together and lasts many decades.

6… The flashing on the valleys and where the shingles edge the building are the final touch that completes the job. Canadians have come to trust shingle roofs because they know, when done properly they last a long time.

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Section View through a House Roof: Bill Bee BY CC 2.5

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