Ten Mistakes with Shingles to Avoid

A shingle roof comprises literally hundreds of small tiles. Laying them correctly needs special care, because you only need one mistake to have a potential leak. It’s hard for the average homeowner to inspect a roof expanse from down below. That’s why you need a roofer who doesn’t make these ten mistakes with shingles.

The Ten Mistakes with Shingles You Don’t Need

1… GETTING THE FIRST ROW WRONG – The starter section along the eaves is the basis of what follows. Get this wrong and you are off to a bad start.

2… PUTTING SHINGLES WHERE THEY DON’T BELONG – Shingles need an adequate slope or else the water seeps beneath. You need tw0 units of rise per six units of run.

3… NOT NAILING SINGLES PROPERLY – Shingles need four nails each, or six on a steep slope. They overlap where average roofers know their customers don’t look.

4… BADLY DESIGNED VALLEY FLASHING – Valley flashings are like gutters. If you don’t design them properly they may leak behind the shingles.

5… BADLY FITTED VALLEY FLASHING – Valley flashing must extend beneath the shingles and turn up at the edges. Average roofers know their customers don’t check.

6… NO PROVISION FOR ICE DAMS – Cowboy roofers cheat on the under-layer and make it too short. When customers look up, everything looks right from below.

7… NOT VENTING CEILINGS AND ATTICS – The air must be able to escape to prevent moisture build-up. This is one of the worst of the ten mistakes with shingles.

8… NOT ALIGNING SHINGLES PROPERLY – A run of badly-aligned shingles can spoil the appearance of a home. Moreover, they are not a perfect moisture barrier.

9… NOT OVERHANGING THE SHINGLES CORRECTLY – The bottom row of shingles must over hang the gutter correctly, or else the wind could blow them off.

10… ALLOWING TOO MUCH SHINGLE EXPOSURE – Cowboy roofers over-expose shingles. They save one or two rows but storms damage their roofs easier.

Hire an Honest Roofer, Avoid Those Ten Things Happening

Valiant Exteriors Ltd is a niche Calgary roofing and siding specialist. Our roofers know their jobs, while our supervisors follow up with quality inspections. We don’t make any of those ten mistakes with shingles we listed. If you are in the mood for a decent roof that should not cost you more, call (403)829-1661 or message us at info@valiantexteriors.com for an estimate that will make you smile.

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