Ups and Downs of Metal Siding

Metal siding is chic and cool wrapped up in style. There’s no doubt about its ability to make a fashion statement. It immediately presents itself as a winner. But there are ups and down to metal siding, as there may be when following latest trends.

The Ups and Downs of Metal Siding – First the Positives

LOW MAINTENANCE – Choose the right metal that won’t corrode and stain, and sit back and admire it! It can’t crack, split, rot, curl or catch fire, and it won’t absorb moisture to attract mold and fungus either.

NO BUGS, NO INSECTS – Creepy-crawlies may stop by for a visit, but they won’t stay long. Bugs, carpenter bees, termites, and other pests like to carve out a nest but they can’t chew through metal.

TOUGH AND DURABLE – Metal is tough. In fact it’s one of the strongest materials available. They build giant oil tanker ships with metal. It seems like a natural for eaves troughs, soffits, and siding too!

METAL IS STYLISH – You could modernize your building’s appearance in a day with new metal siding. There are a variety of stunning colors and styles available. And when the siding is up, it could last a very long time.

LESS HVAC IN SUMMER – Metal reflects back summer UV rays, even though it becomes warm. You’ll run your air conditioner on a lower setting in summer. That could help recover some of the cost.

But Now Some Negatives of Metal Siding

FIRST THE ENVIRONMENT – Extracting iron ore scars the landscape. Processing metal is energy intensive, much of which comes from fossil fuel. Chemical reactions involved in production release toxic chemicals to the atmosphere.

HIGH METAL SIDING COST – These processes, and the sheer bulk result in an expensive product. This is especially the case with corrosion resistant versions. However, on the upside metal can last a long time.

SHEET METAL DENTS – A severe hailstorm can devastate thin metal siding, and it’s not easy to repair. Thicker panels help, but they come at a cost and add additional weight to the structure.

REPLACING DAMAGED PANELS – Steel siding comes in batches according to what is in fashion. It may be impossible to find a matching replacement panel a decade later.

Think Twice Before Fitting Metal Siding

Metal siding is great for commercial shopfronts the owners upgrade every five years. It also creates interesting contrasts when used sparingly with other materials. Only you will know whether it is right for your home. Contact Valiant Exteriors in Calgary for more advice.

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