Tin Roof Rain Water Needs to Drain

There’s nothing quite like a metal roof when it comes to draining rainwater away. That’s because the surface is virtually friction-free, and there are no vertical obstructions in the form of tile, or shingle overlaps. However, tin roof rain water will still fall to the ground with the force of gravity, unless we control it. But is this strictly necessary?

Why We Need To Control Tin Roof Rain Water

Some homeowners decide not to fit eavestrough systems to their metal roofs, because (a) they prefer the cleaner look, (b) they want to save money, or (c) they believe they are unnecessary. This leaves the rainwater to follow its own way, as it comes splashing down the metal roof, on its way to the ground.

Out-of-control rainwater can cause the following damage to a home or property:

  • Rainwater can drive down through the surface of the ground, where it damages the foundations by eroding the earth supporting them.
  • This moisture can also gather around outside walls of basements, crawl spaces, and so on. This in turn can encourage damaging mould inside.
  • The rain water can also pool at ground level, introducing moisture into outside walls that manifests as damp inside.
  • And finally, the rain water can form small rivers flowing through the garden, causing further erosion and uprooting precious plants.

Therefore, it follows the caring homeowner should at least consider installing eaves troughs, to manage the rainwater falling on their tin roof.

How To Ensure Eaves Troughs Manage Rainwater Properly

  • Appoint a decent gutter contractor that has worked with metal roofs before, and can show you successful projects. Discuss their ideas in detail before you sign the contract, and make sure they explain everything to you properly.
  • Take your time to negotiate the details thoroughly, including the type of eaves trough brackets, the capacity of the gutters, and whether you should fit snow guards on the roof to avoid ‘avalanching’.
  • Think about how you are going to clear wind-blown debris out the gutters. If blockages are unlikely, you may be able to get away with a contractor and a ladder. However if you have overhanging trees in the vicinity, it could probably be worth your while to consider gutter guards.

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