What You Should Know Fascia Cladding

‘Fascia’ in architecture refers to the vertical strip running directly beneath a roof edge, and often attached to the lower end of the rafters.  Therefore, you ought not to be too surprised the world fascia comes from the Latin for band, bandage, ribbon, or swathe.

However, just when you thought you were getting your mind around it, ‘fascia’ also refers to a wide, flat trim strip around a doorway. This is an architectural feature different and separate from the frame and wall surface, and intended to broaden the overall impression.

However, Roof Fascia ‘Cladding’ Is More Than a Feature

The fascia strip – together with the soffit boards – effectively ‘box in’ the rafter ends achieving the following benefits:

1… The otherwise exposed rafter ends are shielded from birds, rodents, insects, moisture, damp, and stormy weather.

2… The soffits are then able to control the exterior airflow into the roof via a system of entry and exit vents.

3… The fascias also perform the secondary function of being mounting points for eaves troughs leading to down pipes.

The Main Types of Fascia Materials in Calgary

Wooden Fascia

Most fascias were wooden planks in early days when that was what they had to hand. We still encounter them quite often because they are the least expensive alternative. However, they are labor-intensive, and require regular maintenance including priming and repainting to repel moisture.

Aluminum Fascia

For these reasons we prefer working with aluminum fascia, bent around new or existing wood for rigidity. This option may be more expensive upfront. However the benefits down the line include a longer life span, and far less maintenance.

Vinyl Fascia

Solid vinyl fascia continues to be a popular alternative because of the range of designer tints available, and the opportunity to colour-match siding on the walls below. It is also more able to resist stormy weather than wood, and is less expensive than aluminum.

Speak to Valiant Exteriors for Professional Advice

At Valiant Exteriors in Calgary the customer always comes first. We prefer working with aluminum fascia as we mentioned, although we will happily supply wood or vinyl if that’s your desire.

You can rest assured of the same quality job regardless of your choice. We don’t do maintenance. We improve homes according to customer life styles. Please call Calgary (403)829-1661 to speak to your local fascia specialist.

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