Commercial Gutter Guide for Business

Our customers are sometimes surprised to see our team at business sites in Calgary. While it’s true we spend more time on residential projects, we have the experience and equipment to tackle larger projects too. A commercial gutter does the same job as the one at your home, but on a larger scale.

Size Matters on a Commercial Gutter

Things happen on a larger scale commercially, because business roofs are generally larger than residential ones. Gutters catch more rainwater, snow and sleet depending on the season. This means their lengths, cross-sections and styles may vary.

Gutters on commercial buildings also make a statement about the business operating inside. That’s why they ought to look neat and professional, because most everybody in Calgary understands how eaves trough systems work.

We can fit K-style gutters at business sites, that look like the ones you may have at home. Although we often recommend square box-types, because they can carry greater volumes of water. These are also tougher, because the material is thicker and should last longer.

The Best Material for Business Eaves Troughs

A commercial gutter on a smaller business building does a similar job to one on a home, and we are often able to recommend light-weight, aluminum ones. However, these will not suffice on larger roofs, because of the weight of water flowing through them.

For this reason most of our commercial gutter installations use heavier duty, box-style steel gutters, slightly oversized to avoid splashing customers and vehicles below. We can ask the supplier to paint these to match your business brand.

Alberta Government Requirements For Gutters

Gutters must have capacity that matches their roof catchment areas, to avoid overflowing and pooling on the surrounding surface. Down pipes may not discharge freely below. Run-off should be captured and fed through to the storm water system.

Commercial Gutter Quality Is Often Concealed

The view of a commercial eaves trough system from down below is a reflection of the gutter manufacturer’s quality. The attaching brackets are hidden so all you see is a flowing line. Unless you get up on the roof, you may never know:

  • Whether the gutters are firmly attached, and sealed at the joints.
  • Whether the the gutters slope correctly, so they drain but not too rapidly.

If you don’t plan on climbing onto the roof, then your best bet would be to choose a gutter installer you can trust. Most of our new business comes to us from referrals. Reach out to Valiant Exteriors if you want your gutter installation to stay up there longer.

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