Lindab Steel Gutters With Magnesium

We have begun supplying Lindab steel gutters in their full ‘Magestic’ eaves trough range. The magnesium in the enhanced galvanized coating extends the corrosion-free period of this robust material.

This coating comes in a variety of designer colours. These develop a unique finish many believe enhances that character of any property. We are proud to add this option to our range of choice eaves trough materials.

More About Lindab Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Industry-standard galvanizing is a hot-dip process of coating steel or iron with a film of pure zinc metal. This shields the base iron, or steel from the atmosphere and / or corrosive substances, thereby preventing the oxidation we call rusting.

However, the zinc immediately oxidizes, and eventually breaks down completely, removing any protection from the underlying metal. Lindab eaves trough products delay this deterioration by adding magnesium to the galvanizing layer.

The zinc used in standard galvanizing is porous, when viewed through an electron microscope. The atmosphere and / or corrosive substances enter through these tiny holes, and progressively break down the zinc. However, adding magnesium creates a stable barrier resisting this deterioration.

More About the Lindab Steel Gutter System.

The Lindab steel gutter system with added magnesium coating develops an attractive dark grey metallic appearance within 3-5 years after installation. Every component clicks together with a ‘push-and-lock’ feature that saves time and helps prevent it coming away.

The product is available in several sizes, and after-galvanizing coatings to suit the requirements and tastes of customers. These could allow you to upgrade your eaves troughs, while modernizing your home at the same time.

Why Consider ‘Magestic’ Gutters For Your Home


Lindab steel gutters with enhanced magnesium coating should offer the following advantages:

  • Magnesium creates a compact structure acting as a stable barrier.
  • This protects zinc’s porous structure against corrosion factors.
  • Galvanized coatings are able to seal red rust on cuts and scratches.
  • Magnesium is more reactive than zinc, making these repairs tougher.


The steel in Lindab ‘Magestic’ gutters has a lower carbon footprint than either plastic or aluminum. The coating could reduce zinc pollution of soil by 75%.


Salt-spray testing suggests ‘Magestic’ coatings offer the highest surface protection available for steel gutters. The company believes its product is twenty-times more effective than standard galvanized coatings. Although this benefit reduces to three-times in marine environments.

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