Common Aging Wood Shake Problems

When Canadian pioneers looked for material to construct buildings they chose trees because they were abundant. So their houses had wood frames, wood floors, wood sidings, wood rafters, and wood shake tiles.  Canadians mostly use more weather-resistant materials nowadays. However wood shakes soldier on although they do eventually deteriorate.

Common Problems with Old Wood Shake Roofs

Some Canadians still believe nothing beats the classic texture of traditional shake tiles. They may glance up at the beginning, but familiarity soon takes over. Meanwhile nature eventually takes its toll because the wood is organic. But the owner seldom notices these things happening:

Wood Rot

All trees die, or are harvested for wood. Sure we can add preservatives but these can’t last forever. So there comes a time when rain, hail and snow start to penetrate. The shakes start to split and fray. Nature is invading and claiming its own.

Moss and Mildew

Moss and mildew join the party. They send root tendrils between the tiles causing them to loosen and lift. They also hold moisture and prevent sun drying the wood. The tiny plants are not just unsightly. They are shortening the life of the roof.

Distorting Shingles

The edges dry sooner than the heart of the wood. Uneven stresses eventually cause wood shakes to cup and curl. This exposes the underlayment and decking to weather damage. The shingles are no longer the first line of defence.

Shingles Splitting

All natural wood has a grain. Seasonal temperature changes eventually cause these fault lines to crack and the shake to split. There’s no overlap at that point so the underlayment and decking is open to the elements there. The roof is starting to fail.

Missing Shakes

Eventually, inevitably shakes loosen often at the edges of roofs. Sure, a roofer could fit new tiles but this comes at a high cost unless the owner chooses weather-resistant asphalt. But this is not quite the end of the tale.

Fire Hazard

Old, dried out wood shakes can catch alight and burn, especially if there are cracks or tiles missing. A property owner has an insurance obligation to care for their building. Moreover, their cover is unlikely to extend to gradual deterioration.

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