Financial Support Available to Our Customers

The COVID-19 pandemic is proving a tough time for all of us. The economy is down and we doubt there’s a single Canadian unaffected. We have managed to keep going thanks to valued support from loyal clients. We are responding with financial support  on offer to all our customers.

The Fairest Prices Ever on Roofing and Siding Jobs

We are holding prices as best we can despite our supplier costs increasing in these difficult times. However, we will never do this at the cost of quality. That’ because we plan on being around to honour warranties for the foreseeable future.

We have signed a deal with consumer financiers Financeit. Through them, the financial support available to all our customers allows them to spread payments from 12 to 180 months. Right now, you may be wondering whether this is wise. However, there are times when taking credit for major home repairs and upgrades makes sense.

Reasons to Fund Major House Repairs this Way

Financeit is a consumer cash-flow tool. The rates are typically between 6.99% and 14.99%, and you could settle early without penalties. It may make sense to get financial leverage this way to improve your largest capital asset. We won’t increase our price if you do.

Emergency Repairs for Roofs and Sidings

The devastating hailstorm left many Calgary homes with smashed roofs and shattered siding. Most times insurance is paying out, although there may be quite large residual amounts. It’s tough to expect a homeowner to chip in after everything else, but that’s unfortunately the way insurance works.

Our financial support available to all our customers through Financeit is flexible, because you can pay up sooner in whole or in part when the economy eases. In the interim you could have made a wise decision to protect your cash-flow and the value of your home.

Assistance to Complete a Locked Down Project

Some of our Financeit customers were in the midst of a roofing upgrade when their income took a tumble, and they had to cancel. We had business owners coming to us, and workers on short pay sheltering at home. We were able to offer payments spread between 12 to 180 months at rates competing with credit cards.

We completed the projects for them at lower prices than they expected, but with quality that helped them smile again. Please call Valiant Exteriors on (403)829-1661 on Country Hills Boulevard to receive our honest advice.

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