Chimney Saddles and Crickets What Are They?

You may have missed the mark if you think the noises inside your disused chimney are caused by crickets and saddles. That’s because they are waterproofing devices in construction terms, and have nothing to do with insects. We discuss the role of chimney saddles AKA crickets in this post. Give us a call if you think your home might benefit from something similar.

The Tough Life of the Average Chimney in Calgary

The average chimney stack is high up on a roof with no relief from storms that pummel the lower face. Windy fingers scratch away at the flashing around the base. Almost inevitably, something eventually has to give if it is unprotected.

A chimney saddle performs this role by deflecting the wind and rain and snow and sleet from this weak point on the upper side. That’s the point where storm water tumbles down in a gale, and works its way inside your roof space.

Sounds Complicated – How are Chimney Saddles Constructed?

A cricket or saddle is a small ridge of the high side of a chimney to protect the interface with the roof and divert water away. It typically matches the pitch on the roof section to form a pleasing, consistent impression.

There’s no need to interfere with the rest of the roof construction. That’s because the saddle fits over it, and it is flashed onto the existing surfaces. The finishing material either matches the existing roof, or forms a contrasting focus point.

Saddles fitted to chimneys can be an affordable solution to weeping chimney bases, because there’s no need to disturb the underlying roof structure. They also help stop the chimney brickwork gradually deteriorating which could otherwise lead to long-term structural concerns.

Signs You My Need a Chimney Cricket Fitted

Leaking roofs are often the result of ineffective water flows, and poor sealing where they abut with structural elements. The upper edge of your chimney is more likely to leak if the gradient is gentle allowing pooling, or if overhanging trees are creating vegetation accumulation.

The average homeowner often only notices the consequences of leaks inside the roof space. If your attic smells musty in summer, or you have icicles forming in winter it’s important to know where the moisture comes from, and to stop it.

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