Fitting Gutters to Metal-Frame Buildings

If you have a large garden shed, an outbuilding, or a barn on your land, then there’s a fair chance it has a metal frame. However, this underlying structure is likely to have exterior siding over, and paneling inside as insulation against winter temperature.

Some folk believe the job is complete at this point. However, there are several good reasons for adding gutters to metal-frame buildings. These come down to managing the additional water flow caused by the structure itself.

Costs of Not Fitting Gutters to Metal-Frame Buildings

The rain that falls on the roof of your large garden shed, or outbuilding, or barn previously fell to the ground as rain that soaked away. This was possible because the water droplets were distributed. But now the water flowing off the roof is concentrated into a smaller area.

This means that the water no longer soaks away gently into the earth. Instead, it pools on the ground potentially soaking the foundations, or flows away gradually eroding the surrounding area. These problems may start without you noticing. But the damage from not fitting gutters to metal-frame buildings can cost a fair amount of time and money to fix.

Tracing Framing Behind Siding and Interior Paneling

You need to understand where the underlying framing is, to ensure the gutter fasteners penetrate structural wood. A common mistake is to think you’re screwing into wood underneath the siding, but you are not. Unless you understand how framing of metal barns and sheds and outbuildings work, it’s quite easy to miss.

Your answer lies in understanding where the wood is likely to be. There has to be a timber frame at the top and the bottom of each wall, and around the openings for windows and doors, so you are off to a good start.

The exterior, and interior cladding will give off a duller tone if you tap it gently with a rubber mallet directly over a piece of wood framing. This will indicate where you can firmly attach a down spout or gutter bracket. Confirm this by drilling a small pilot hole first. This will be easier to patch if you drill into fresh air, while fitting gutters to a metal-frame structure.

Complete Your Project With Valiant Exteriors

There’s more to installing an eaves trough system than drilling holes in the right places, and screwing gutter brackets into framing. Remember to get the direction of water flow right, and to angle the gutters so the fall is correct.

We do this work several times a week at Valiant Exteriors. Give us a call on Calgary (403)829-1661, or send us an email for more information. Your project will receive our full attention and personal oversight. These will be our assurance of your job well done.

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