Our Secret Sauce for Eavestrough Success

We Owe Our Eavestrough Success to Our People. This Is How.

Customers often compliment the smooth functioning of our two-person eavestrough team. “Your designs and materials are picture perfect they tell us, and your team knows exactly what to do.” We’ll be the first to admit we owe our eavestrough success to our people, although this does not happen by accident.

Ensuring Eavestrough Success by Defining Roles

Our eavestrough crew comprises two people who understand their roles, and are therefore impressively efficient. They focus on their work, while the off-site manager takes care of the logistics back at base.  This allows the team to move from job to job efficiently, while at the same time providing high quality work.

We have learned that people work together better, when they understand their respective duties, and who is in charge of the team. While this may come naturally when a father and son work together at home, it’s our duty as managers to define those responsibilities while they are at work.

In fact, we’ll go as far as saying this strategy is crucial for their eavestrough success, and for our business in a broader context too. We devote the rest of this post to explaining how we go about defining work roles at Valiant Exteriors in Calgary.

Benefits of Defining Work Roles and Responsibilities.

Roles refer to our position as a member of a team, in a particular context. Responsibilities drill down into more detail to define tasks and duties. The clearer these definitions are, the better a work-team performs. But this clarity also, and equally crucially, guides a supervisor in their duty of delegating tasks.

How This Structure Contributes to Eavestrough Success

This structured approach may seem like a pain when it comes to negotiating, and documenting it. However, once it is in place there is less confusion and time-wasting, resulting in greater productivity. This in turn leads to a more positive group spirit, and a happier employee too.

  • A team leader is responsible for allocating tasks, while performing substantive duties in a smaller group.
  • Each team member can then get on with their own job, contributing to our eavestrough success in Calgary.

How Valiant’s Customers Benefit from This Approach

Everything we do at Valiant Exteriors is geared to achieving maximum customer satisfaction, by delivering quality for money. Our customers praise us for the finish of our work, but they are equally pleased by the value they get from their investment. Please contact us now, if you would like a free quote that meets these two objectives square on.

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