Hand-Tabbed Gutter Miters Look Good Too

When new clients ask us why their eavestroughs leak at corners, we often say it’s because the water wants to flow straight on, and not around the bend. This represents a challenge to the best-designed corners, because the gutter runs come together at precisely that point.

If a corner joint leaks because it is not correctly assembled, then the moisture dripping down with the force of gravity may eventually penetrate the foundation the eavestrough system was designed to protect. That’s why the box miter corners in the diagram above are one of the most important aspects of any installation.

What’s the Best Miter Alternative for Your Seamless Gutters

There are a couple of options here. The cheaper ones are generally not as good, although some installers prefer them because they go up fast. These are your regular choices:

1… Prefabricated box miters are made at factories, and pre-assempled for attachment to gutter runs. The gutters slide inside them, so there’s an obvious outside joint and a number of screws.

2… Strip miters, on the other hand come in two parts, each with the corresponding end mitered. They fasten onto the ends of gutter runs, and water proof at the joint with sealant that can pull away as the aluminum expands and contracts.

3… Hand-tabbed miters are precision-cut at gutter ends, using a machine to ensure precise 45º corners. A profile strip inside the gutter runs pulls the lengths together, and attaches with the minimum amount of screws and sealant for a neater job.

Detail of a Hand-Tabbed Miter Corner Courtesy Research Gate

Why Valiant Exteriors Only Uses the Hand-Tabbed Method

We use the hand-tabbed miter method on all our jobs for several well-founded reasons:

1… We can adjust the angle of the corner slightly so the gutter does not ‘fight’ with the roof line.

2… The tab that fits inside the runs seals any potential leaks at source, eliminating drips

3… We can leave the site proud of another achievement that’s a pleasure to the eye.

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